Reliability to Protect Your Profits

100% Protection against the Forces that can eat into Your Profits
All POWERCELL load cells monitor and correct for environmental influences such as temperature extremes, low voltages, non-linearity, hysteresis, creep, instability, zero change, vibration and sensitivity change before the weight is transmitted upstream toward the terminal.

If it’s a problem, get rid of it – No More Junction Boxes

Simplified network removing junction boxes reduces the number of connections by at least 25% compared to other systems.
Many scales have failed when water or moisture entered the junction box. No matter whether you use screws, nuts, bolts, gaskets, clamps, silicone, glue, you cannot seal a junction box for a long period of time. To solve this problem, with POWERCELL PDX cell, Mettler Toledo is the first to eliminate junction boxes altogether.

Complete Protection against Lightning Strike

A lightning strike can put a vehicle scale out of service in an instant. Lightning damage can be very costly, requiring the replacement of unprotected electronic equipment. Even if a warranty covers repair costs, you still face the cost of the business you lose every day that your scale is not operating.

METTLER TOLEDO provides complete protection against lightning damage.
The StrikeShield™ protection system is designed to be the main line of defense for your entire vehicle scale system: load cells, cables, and terminals. The average lightning strike is approximately 30,000 amperes. The POWERCELL® PDX® load cell system has been proven in independent testing to survive multiple lightning strikes up to 80,000 amperes. That’s more than twice the destructive power of the average lightning strike. No other scale manufacturer has had its system as thoroughly tested by independent laboratories.


Hermetically sealed, IP68/IP69K system, including the fully welded enclosure and watertight connectors, ensures that a flooded scale won’t destroy your maintenance budget or give you an unnecessary insurance claim.

Predictive diagnostics

With other load cell technologies, problems can go undetected for long periods. In those cases, weighing errors add up until a load cell fails and shuts down your scale. The POWERCELL® PDX® load cell eliminates these concerns. The system has self-monitoring capability that is designed for proactive service, alerting you (on screen, email, text message) to potential problems before they occur. It helps you avoid unplanned downtime and inaccurate weighing. If these occur the diagnostic tools enable service technicians to make the right repairs the first time and make them quickly.

Durable Cables

All cables are double-shielded with stainless steel protection against environmental and rodent damage. The glass-to-metal load cell connectors form watertight seals. If a cable is damaged, the quick-connect design makes it easy to replace without recalibrating the scale.

10 Year PDX Warranty for Mettler Toledo POWERCELL® PDX®


The mechanical design of the PDX load cell has been improved over the MTX to provide several benefits to the end user. Firstly the height of the load cell has been reduced by 40mm. This change helps lower costs on the scale construction such as the approach ramp through the efficiency of a lower profile scale. The PDX load cell has a wider pin about 41% thicker than MTX cell and the capacities have increased by 5000kg; adding stability and eliminating tensile stresses. Its stainless steel construction is hermetically sealed against harsh wet and dusty conditions. This combination increases the cell’s durability and extends its life. The receivers are also constructed of the same high-quality stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

Breach Detection

In addition to its heavy-duty, hermetically sealed enclosure, the POWERCELL PDX load cell provides a second level of protection for its electronics. A built-in breach detection system alerts you if the enclosure is damaged by accidental puncture or tampering. The breach detection system allows you to replace a load cell at the first sign of trouble, before moisture causes weighing errors or scale failure. With conventional load cells, a breached enclosure can go undetected for months while weighing errors eat into your profits until the scale eventually fails.

POWERCELL® PDX Load Cell Components

Every component – POWERCELL PDX, Upper/Lower Receivers, Home run cable, load cell cable and Load cell connectors are manufactured by Mettler Toledo. You get single source responsibility, no excuses about load cells or indicators built by someone else. And every component was designed to work with mating components to take full advantage of modern digital technology.

POWERCELL PDX Load Cells Outperform All Other Vehicle Scale Technologies

Problems POWERCELL PDX Advantages
Weak analog signal: EMI/RFI causes weighing errors Strong digital signal provides accurate weighing
No compensation for many external factors, which can lead to inaccurate weights On-board microprocessor continually compensates for external factors to achieve highest accuracy
No advanced diagnostics Predictive diagnostics
Moisture can penetrate integral cable, interfering with weak analog signal Quick-connect cable provides IP68 watertight connection to load cell
Requires summing junction boxes that are hard to seal and prone failure No junction boxes
Problems POWERCELL PDX Advantages
Weak analog signal between load cell and junction box Strong digital signal throughout entire scale network
Junction boxes not hermetically sealed No analog-to-digital converter boxes or gathering cards required
Sensitive electronics located in junction box: Easily damaged by moisture Electronics protected in hermetically sealed load cell enclosure
Problems POWERCELL PDX Advantages
Complex and expensive installation Simple and inexpensive installation
Hydraulic fluid leaks cause weighing errors No hydraulic fluid to leak
Totalizer relies on weak analog signal Strong digital signal
Hydraulic system is difficult to troubleshoot Predictive diagnostics simplify troubleshooting Instant updates
Slow system response time can delay truck processing Maintenance and repair are quick and easy
Maintenance and repair are time-consuming